The race of the Year for certain

Next Sunday marks the start of the Race of the Year. You all know what I’m talking about..the Tour de France of course. Will Cadel win again? Is Wiggins up to it this year? Can Valverde make a comeback after his doping scandal?
After consulting several knowledgeable staff members here at Velottante HQ, it appears that
1. Cadel will probably win again
2. Wiggo will finish this year, though 2nd may be his best bet
3. Valverde may surprise us all
4. Cavendish has a pretty hot wife

Apart from this, nothing is certain. Well nothing other than Uncle Phil & Aunty Paul giving their best commentary as usual, SBS broadcasting live every night and me losing quite a bit of sleep due to living on the other side of the world to where the action is happening.
The other certainties are that it will be a cracker of a race this year, Cadel & the BMC boys will be doing their utmost to defend his title. Hincapie is riding his 70th & last tour, Jens will bury himself again, Veino may make the top 10, some knobhead will do something stupid on the side of the road, a driver will hit a spectator, there will be a TV camera taking a shot of cyclists riding through a field of Sunflowers, several thousand people throughout the world will be inspired to take up cycling, I will see a lot more cyclists out in BMC gear in Sydney and I love this race.
It’s the first race that I watched about 30yrs ago. Just highlights but it was enough to get me hooked. Lemond, Indurain, Riis, Pharmie, Contador, Pantani…the list goes on of riders that inspired me to try harder each week. looking back over the years and seeing those riders that have carried the yellow kit back to Paris is what it’s all about.
This is the biggest & best sporting event in the world, that is for certain.


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