Time enough for train(ing)

Training, how much is enough? What are you training for? Do you even train? Do I even care? Well the last bit is harsh but it’s a question you may well ask yourself when some bloke starts telling just “how much training” they’ve been doing lately.
After a recent that I read, it really made me think about just how much “training” I do & more importantly, what am I training for?
I don’t race (yet, but there is a strong possibility that this will happen come time for the Winter comp to start), I don’t have any Sportive’s planned (though the Blayney to Bathurst is looking enticing) & am I training or just going out for a ride? These questions have been mulling about in my smallish mind this past week. Have I come to an answer? Not really, just the realisation that whilst I’m not “in” training for anything specific, I “train to ride”, i.e. further, faster & stronger than wherever I am currently at in my personal fitness level. This is important to me. This is why I ride. This is the fun, the enjoyment, the reason I train. My goals aren’t lofty or unachievable but they are goals just the same.
So the point I’m making is – get out on your bike. train to live; make enough time to train


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