Modo de vivera – Ciclismo e Cucina

Loosely translated, the way of my life – cycling & the kitchen.

Apart from work & family, these two things dominate my life. I ride my bike & cook most days. Both are done for a myriad of reasons. Cycling keeps me fit, clears my head of crap & allows me to participate in a sport full of tradition & history. Cooking has been my life for the past 30 years. Firstly as a career choice straight from school & nowadays a passion that keeps my family well fed & able to enjoy the various foods available here in Sydney, Australia.

Like cycling, cooking is steeped in history & tradition, though I would guess that cooking has been around a lot longer than bikes! Both have allowed me to enjoy the life that I live & both are an intricately entwined in my world.

This site will try to emulate both of these fine traditions as well as some thoughts on what is happening today & bring something to those that may enjoy these two wonderful pursuits as well.