Yasai Kari or how Japan made curry their own

As I was making dinner tonight, yasai kari ( vegetable curry), amusing myself with the thought,yet again, of here I was cooking one of our favourite meals, Jap curry. That in itself is a slightly ironic thought isn’t it, a Japanese curry?
The Japanese have, as with just about everything they choose to take an interest in, perfected the curry. The best part about it is, as they are want to do, made it instant. By that I mean it comes in little blocks of tasty delights. Fry off your favourite mix of meat &/or vegetables, add water, simmer until ingredients are cooked, then drop in these tasty little curry blocks to thicken & finish off. Sublime. Couldn’t be simpler could it?
Give it a go. Nowadays the curry roux blocks are available in the Asian section in most Western supermarkets


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