Life on Mars…. repeats?

Lunch, probably the second most important meal of the day, should be something to enjoy alone or in the company of family &/or friends.Hopefully, this will occur in the present day you are currently living in.

Sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way though. Today I took my staff out for our first combined Christmas lunch. We finished up at one of those alleged “insititutions” of the restaurant world – Danny’s Seafood at La Perouse. The food…passable, the company….pleasant & we all had a few laughs. An enjoyable end to a hard year. Lots of changes & I was asking a lot of my management team throughout the year as well, so it was a well deserved soiree of sorts.

I knew to trust my reservations from the moment we entered. From the matronly maitre d’ standing on the entrance steps, to the following half dozen staff members we passed on the way to our table, I had entered into a bygone era. 1975 (or thereabouts) here I am. Life on Mars flashed through my mind. Had I inadvertantly lapsed into a coma, only to awake in a vaguely familiar surround?

I continued to take in my surrounds to confirm my growing doubts of the actual year I was in. Waiter with sideburns & a suspiciously Elvis looking hairstyle, check. Waiters with open necked shirts showing some gold chain, check. Menu containing Mornay’s, Garlic Prawns, Steak Diane, garlic bread & a mixed green salad, check. All at ridiculously expensive prices, check. Yes, I had either gone back in time or, more worriesome, the restaurant had become stuck in some sort of time loop. Forever verging on moving forward, but being caught in this time loop of 1975.

While I am certainly one for tradition, if one must follow tradition, try to keep the friggin’ thing worthy of that tradition. Not some poor substitute for a try hard upmarket restaurant, located on the waterfront, charging through the nose for barely average food, who’s idea of tradition comes in a jar, served in plastic fucking containers to dip your chips in. That’s 1975. I’m living in 2011.



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